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Oh hello.

I was that kid who always asked "Why?"

I never grew out of it.

I'm currently looking for new opportunities for mission driven work following a rewarding stint with the Tailoru Collective. I'd especially love a role in civic or health technology but I'm open to wherever I can make an impact on the quality of life of others.

For the past few years I have had the pleasure of helping solve a myriad of problems. Working primarily in the fast-paced and iterative start-up space, I've done research, design and testing for products ranging from NPO, Education, Healthcare, E-Comm, Civic, and Wellness. I have partnered with clients, product + project managers, marketing teams, researchers + UX/UI designers and developers​, and of course, end users.


Qualitative + Quantitative Research 

  • Design thinking workshops

  • Heuristics + content auditing

  • Creating research plans with user and

        business goal in mind

  • Behavioral interviews

  • Surveys

  • Card sorting

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Usability testing

  • Research reporting + design recommendations

IA + Design

  • User journeys + flows

  • Personas + user stories

  • Site maps

  • Content hierarchy

  • Accessible design practices

  • Paper, low, mid and hi-fi wireframing

  • Clickable prototyping

  • Design systems

  • Developer handoff specifications

In my past life, I independently owned and ran a commercial photography business for over 15 years. I told stories about the foods we eat, things we use, and places we spend time. I partnered with agencies, corporations and small businesses to create high-quality content in industries such as food and hospitality, architecture and design, product and manufacturing, journalism, corporate event and travel.

My entire business was run on word of mouth, which I am very proud of. However this is a high-stress industry and I burned out several years ago and was ready for a new adventure

I ran with the personality traits that help me excel: curiosity, resourcefulness, and making things make sense to other people.

For fun I like to ride my bike, tend to my garden, practice the violin and guitar, and read no less than 3 books at once. I always say hi to dogs.

I am based in NYC and open to remote and minimally hybrid work.


Adobe CS + XD, Figma, Sketch, InVision, Clickup, Airtable, Zeplin, Miro/Mural, Google Suite + Analytics,  HTML5, CSS

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